Ketogenic or Keto diet is the best way to keep most of the health problems at bay



Boost up your sex life with Ketogenic Diet

Ever thought of shooting up your sex drive with your diet?  Wonder whether you can get that super rock hard erection, beating your age by simply adjusting your diet? Ok if you are there this article is for you.  The Ketogenic Diet will make you younger, stronger and yeah unbeatable. Read through this article and start a new chapter in your life.

OK let’s discuss the facts.

Ketogenic or Keto diet is not a new concept.  Roots of this concept runs back to 500 B.C as treatment for epilepsy. However when coming to modern day, Ketogenic diet was introduced as a treatment for epilepsy from as early as 1920. Keto diet is simply an almost Zero carb fat dominating diet pattern which gives multiple benefits to the dieter.

Science of boosting sex with ketogenic diet.

As you all know with aging sex drive of a person declines. Especially in males it affects in erection. Why? Yes the culprit is testosterone hormone. That’s is the hormone which makes you a man. When you get aged the production of testosterone declines. Which affects your sex drive. Is there any solution, other than taking loads of Viagra?
Happy news is: YES
Jacob Wilson’s findings.
In 2017 a group of scientists leaded by Jacob Wilson Study on how ketogenic diet can affect testosterone levels in man’s body. He came up with amazing results. It showed that Ketogenic diet showed a remarkable increase in testosterone levels among a group of college age resistance trained athletes compared to ones who followed Western diet and the same resistance training schedule. The Ketogenic diet group showed an increase of testosterone levels to 570ng/dl to 690ng/dl within 12 weeks. 

How did this happen?

It is a well-known fact that ketogenic diet can reduce the cholesterol levels in the body. Thus it reduces the risk of heart disease. However testosterone, like other steroids, is formed from Cholesterol. So if Ketogenic diet reduces the cholesterol levels in the body, Ketogenic diet should reduce the testosterone levels as well. But the opposite happens. How?
The key lies on the dietary cholesterol. As you all know Ketogenic diet is a fat dominated diet pattern. Nearly 70% of the total diet is made of fat component. In the Jacob’s study, the Ketogenic diet subjects were given a greater portion of lipid compared to subjects on Western Diet. The Ketogenic. Thus it was obvious that a greater portion of dietary cholesterol is taken in to body when a person is on Ketogenic diet, than in western diet. In the group who were under ketogenic diet, average fat intake was 220g per day while it contained 110 g of saturated fat. The daily intake of dietary cholesterol was well above the recommended levels, (<300. mg/dl for normal individuals) Meanwhile another study showed that in ketogenic diet the dietary cholesterol may rise up to 1000 mg/dl per day.

Ketogenic fatty acids.

As you already know Ketogenic diet plan and Ketogenic food lists are dominated by fat sources. So when a person is under Ketogenic diet, that person automatically gets large amounts of fatty acids such as omega 3. Omega 3 fatty acid has multiple health benefits. Here in sexual function also it plays a major role. It can increase the libido and duration holding erection. Not only has that omega 3 increased the concentration of sperms and their mobility.  

Ketogenic amino acids.

Another instance that Ketogenic diet can boost sex drive erection and potency is, when a person is in Ketogenic diet, his or her meal consists of around 25% of protein. This is very crucial. Because there are some great amino acids that comes through protein helps greatly in sexual function.
1.    Arginine
It is a well-known fact that nitric oxide plays very crucial role in men’s sexual ability. Studies have shown that Nitric Oxide does act in the same way that erectile dysfunction drugs such as Viagra acts. So increasing levels of Nitric oxide in the blood stream will be very beneficial in boosting one’s sexual function. How can we do that? That is where the amino acid Arginine comes to play the role. Arginine is an amino acid that you take in through your protein intake. It is the factor to boost the levels of nitric oxide in the blood stream. However though nitric oxide can give the same effect of Viagra, it is not as quick as Viagra. But within one or two days it gives result.

2.     Ornithine
This is another amino acid that helps your sexual function. This helps one to hold the erection for longer periods. So when your diet consists of 25% of protein the levels of those helpful amino acids naturally goes up in the body.

 Diabetes, Ketogenic diet and Sex

Since very early days it was found that diabetes can reduce sexual function  in men.  So it is well known for a healthier sex life it is essential to control diabetes. When it comes to ketogenic diet it very effectively tame diabetes mellitus type 2. So of a person is under a ketogenic regime it helps to control diabetes and better sexual function as well. Especially keto can increase insulin sensitivity suppressing insulin resistance. So it is well recommended for people in pre diabetic condition to get in to ketogenic regime before too late. After all it is said, better prevention than cure.

 How does ketogenic veggies help sex?

Most of the veggies capable of eating when in ketogenic diet contain large amounts of antioxidants they help in various ways to increase sexual function in one’s body.   


Ketogenic diet helps to overcome sexual dysfunction and increase libido via various ways. So when a person is following a ketogenic diet regime increased sexual health is also a positive function of the diet. So if a person is keen on uplifting sexual function naturally, it’s recommended that person should enter a ketogenic diet pattern. Then he can enjoy good sexual life along   with various other benefits provided by Ketogenic diet


Reverse Diabetic nephropathy with Ketogenic Diet

As you all know the miracle Ketogenic diet has become the magical solution for a range of NTD (Non Transmitted Diseases).  One of them is Diabetic Nephropathy.

So what is the reason behind this condition and how does keto diet prevents or cures this? The object of this article is to answer those questions.

Diabetic Nephropathy.

Diabetics Nephropathy is one of the most dangerous complications of diabetics. This is a clinical syndrome. There are some symptoms that can be seen in the patient.
·         Persistent albuminuria (described as protein in urine. 300mg> in 24 hrs.)
·         The blood pressure in arteries is raised.
·         Glomerular filtration rate (GFR) in kidneys drops
These conditions worsen rapidly. Over 40% of end-stage renal disease or ESRD in USA are caused by diabetic’s nephropathy.

How does diabetics cause nephropathy?

Before answering this we’ll have a look at, to find out how the filtering of waste in the body done in the kidney.  This process happen in a part called Bowman’s capsule


 Proximal Convoluted have permeable cell membranes that reabsorb glucose, metabolites, amino acids, and electrolytes into nearby capillaries and allow for circulation of water
Loop of Henley – has an ascending and descending limb, these loops along with their blood vessels and collecting tubes for the pyramids in the medulla. When the filtrate reaches the descending limb of the loop, water content has been reduced by 70%. The filtrate contains high levels of salts (mostly sodium). As the filtrate moves further through the loop, more water is removed which further concentrates the filtrate.
Distal Convoluted Tubule – farthest from the glomerulus; helps regular potassium excretion.
Collecting Duct – collects the filtrate

The waste is brought in to the Bowman’s capsule in tiny blood vessels with very thin membranes, in which particles can move through.
What happens in diabetics?
In diabetics the glucose levels in the body rises up. This high blood sugar levels can damage the membranes of all mussel tissues including artery membrane of the blood vessels in the body. About 80% of the people with type 2 diabetics suffer from high blood pressure too. Being tiny the blood vessels damage easily by high blood pressure.
These process ultimately reduces or stops the function of Bowman’s capsule, thus the filtering process of the kidney is hampered. This condition is known as Diabetics nephropathy.

How can Ketogenic diet intervene here?

1.        1. By reducing High blood pressure

When the level of blood cholesterol looks in to causes of high blood pressure comes as number one culprit. Not only has that high leveled of blood cholesterol, triggers heart disease too.  So when a person is on a ketogenic or keto diet it can help to reduce high levels of cholesterol.  Not only that did you ever know that increased levels of insulin in blood stream can cause high blood pressure?  There are two way of happening this.
a)      High insulin levels can accumulate fluid and salt in the body. This high fluid and salt levels can contribute to high blood pressure.
b)      Elevated levels of insulin in the blood can thicken the tissue around blood vessels. These thickened walls of the artery can contribute to increase blood pressure
Yes it does. How can this happen?

2.       2. By controlling blood sugar levels

It is widely known that diabetics (especially type 2) can be well controlled with Ketogenic Diet pattern.  (For more information Read Get rid of diabetic- The Ketogenic route)   Controlled diabetics or blood sugar levels can minimize the damage in the blood vessels in Bowman’s capsule. So that function of the kidneys can be re stored.

3. By increasing  intake of anti oxidants

3.       People on ketogenic diet tend to eat more vegetables rich in anti – oxidants. The most of low carb veggies such as cabbage cauliflower and broccoli contains large amounts of antioxidants. It is now believed that anti- oxidants can help in renal dysfunction caused by diabetics.

4.    4. By increasing intake of fatty acids

4.       Keto, Ketogenic diet is a fat dominated diet pattern. Around 70% of total intake depends on fat component. This results increased intake of fatty acids in to the body. Now it is known that most of the fatty acids help in regulating diabetics and Diabetics nephropathy.


Diabetic nephropathy is a life threatening complication of diabetics. It can ultimately cause removal of a kidney or even death. As I have mentioned above the miracle diet pattern, ketogenic, can help in regulating and reversing adverse effects of Diabetics nephropathy


Get rid of diabetic- The Ketogenic route

 Some statistics on diabetic

 Today with people moving away from their traditional ways of living and food, diabetic has become a worldwide catastrophe.  World Health Organization data shows the number of recorded diabetic patients has risen from 108 million in 1980 to 422 million by 2014.
Most of these patients especially those who are older suffer from DiabeticNeuropathy, a complication developed as an effect of diabetic. This happens because high levels of sugar can injure nerves. Most often neuropathy can damage nerves in legs and feet, while some times the condition may occur in other organs in the body.
Diabetes it is the condition that the level of glucose level in the blood is higher than expected values. In other words it occurs when the level of blood sugar comes to range which the body cannot tolerate it

First of all there are two types of diabetes

 They are described as

 In Type 1 Diabetes the level insulin, produced inside the body is limited. Because of that there is no control in the level of sugar in blood not only that the fat deposits in the body are also used to make ketones inside the body which makes it a life threatening condition

 However type 2 diabetes is occurred when the body develops resistance for insulin. It is a condition can be developed with excessive intake of carbohydrates how can that happen?

 Let me explain it

 When a person consumes carbohydrate   it is added to the bloodstream as blood glucose.   When the amount of glucose in the blood becomes higher there goes a message to the hypothalamus of the brain to tell that level of sugar should be controlled. Then the brain sends a message to Pancreas to produce more insulin in order to keep the blood glucose levels within the range. So insulin carries away the blood glucose and stores them as glycogen first and as fat later.
But when the levels of glucose are lowered in the blood, there is not sufficient glucose to be broken down to produce energy. This low glucose levels triggers hunger in one’s body. Now the victim eats carbs once again, and this vicious cycle continues.
But there emerges another problem too. That is the amount of insulin needed, to convert 1mg of glucose to glycogen, is increased with time. For example if 1mcg of insulin was needed to convert 1g of blood sugar in the first occasion, it might need 2mcg in the next occasion and 3mcg in the next time. This process is called insulin resistance. When this happens more regularly there comes a time in which, the Pancreas cannot produce enough insulin to keep glucose concentration in the blood at optimum level. When a person reaches this level, the concentration of glucose goes uncontrollable high. This condition is called Diabetic, or more correctly Diabetic type II, which is medically known as diabetes mellitus type 2.

So as you see Diabetic type II happens solely due to intake of carbohydrate. However absorption of carbohydrates and the speed of breaking them down in the metabolism differ from person to person. So the root cause of Type II diabetic is a metabolic disorder and consuming high levels of carbs in the meals and drinks.
Now we have found the root cause of diabetic type II. Now we have to look in for treatments.

As you see, there are two potential loop holes where treatments can get on.
  • 1.     Supply enough insulin from outside the body.
  • 2.     Minimize carb intake or tap carb absorption.

As you see method two is more sustainable. So to control Type II diabetic through diet eating less carbs is essential. This is where Ketogenic diet has its advantage,

Ketogenic or keto diet is a pattern of eating which almost eliminates eating and drinking carbs while amount of fat intake is very high. In fact keto diet is a fat based diet.

How does keto diet kills diabetic Type II,

When a person is in Ketogenic diet the very person limits his net carb intake to fewer than 50g per day, while it is 20g for some.
When a person doesn’t eat the required amount of carbohydrate the body has to look for another source of energy. There are two potions for the body.
1.     Breakdown Protein via glucogensis and produce glucose
2.     Breakdown Fat via ketosis and produce Ketones.

As Ketogenic diet is a fat dominated diet, around 70% of the calories supply is gained from fat. So as there is an ample supply of fat component, the body prefers Ketosis than Glucogensis and produce Ketones.

So now this is the situation.

There is almost no supply of carbohydrates or glucose while there is an ample supply of fat (ketones). Under these conditions the cells in the body adjusts themselves to live on ketones as their energy source.
 Actually being on ketones provides a lot of benefits for one’s health

Coming back to the topic I was discussing, this diet restricts intake of carbohydrates. So the supply of glucose in to the blood is very limited. As there is lesser amount of glucose in the blood, the risk of diabetics is gone away. When there is les amount of blood sugar the body doesn’t need to pump insulin to the blood stream breaking tolerable limits. As there is less supply of insulin, the insulin resistance in one’s body increases. This prevents blood sugar reaching higher levels when eating some carbs once in a while

Now let me sum up the facts.

  • When the level of blood glucose exceeds tolerable concentration levels, it is Diabetic
  • There are two type of diabetic
  • Type 2 diabetic occurs when someone consumes excessive amounts of carbohydrates.
  • Ketogenic diet is a very low carbohydrate diet; the main component of ketogenic diet is fat.
  • As there is almost zero intake of glucose or carbohydrates the levels of blood sugar drops.
  • The insulin sensitivity of the body increases.
  •  As a result the diabetic condition suppresses
  • However this whole process is a result of irregular metabolism.
  • So for sustainable maintains of diabetic free life the patient has to keep eye on his or her carb intake.


Cure cancer with Ketogenic diet

Did you know that ketogenic diet can help in curing life threatning Cancers. Yes it does. The keto can save you and your loved ones from cancer too. 

What is a Cancer

Cancer cannot be graded as single diseases. In fact  it is a group of diseases which shares a common characteristic.  All the variations of cancer initiates when some of the cells in the body starts to divide in an uncontrolled manner, and spread into surrounding tissues

There is no exact location in the body where cancer can be started, It can be anywhere in the human body, which consist of billions of cells. Usually the cells in the body divide themselves to create new cells to cater the needs of the body. When a cell is damaged or got old or die the body generates new cells to take their place.
With cancer starting, this normal process gets broken. The cells begins to behave more unusually. The old or damaged cells do not die, while new cells are formed while they are unwanted. These new cells can generate more and more new cells, without stopping. Most often they form kind of growth which are called tumors.

Most of the cancers create tumors , which can be seen as solid growth of cells while cancers like leukemia cannot form solid growths.

Close up of invasive colon cancer cells 

Cancer tumors are very invasive. That means they can be spread into close by tissues. In fact they literary invade them. Apart from that with the growth of the tumors some can break off and carried away to distant places of the body from the original  place of the first tumor, through lymph system or blood. These particles of tumors can form new tumors away from the original; tumor.

Energy source and metabolism of Cancer cells.

Cancer tumor cells are in an uncontrolled appetite for glucoses (blood sugar) This was observed as early as 1923 by German Biochemist and Nobel Prize winner OttoWarburg. What he found out is very interesting. It is that the tumor cells use huge amounts of glucose in their metabolism. But the consumption of oxygen is limited. In normal cells normally glucose is burnt in oxygen in aerobic respiration. Anaerobic respiration happens only when there is a scarcity of oxygen. In contrast though there is an ample supply of oxygen, the cancer cells tend to break down glucose by fermentation / anaerobic respiration. This effect is named as Warburg effect in medicine.

This effect gives two major advantages for cancer cells.

1.  The byproduct of anaerobic respiratory is Lactic acid. It can destroy healthy neighboring cells. This can make way for tumor cells to enter healthy tissues close by.

2.  Normal cells need oxygen for growth. But cancer can grow without oxygen supply.  

 However there are two important weak points of tumor (cancer) cell metabolism.

1.  Cancer cells highly dependent on glucose. This means they need an adequate supply of glucose to cater their energy carving.
2.  Unlike normal cells they cannot metabolize Ketone bodies, making it impossible to use energy from Fat.

So this is the key which opens the door for a new way of countering Cancer and make ground for Ketogenic diet plan to play a huge role.
As you all know ketogenic diet is a diet which almost no glucose or carbohydrates. High ratio of fat and protein and glucose from protein (gluconeogenesis) give enough glucose to maintain constant blood sugar level and enough glucose to continue brain functions.
In ketogenic diet you reduce or almost stop carbohydrate intake. Most of the people limit net carb intake to 50g per day, while some others come down to 20g per day.
Now there is a scarcity of carbohydrates in the body. This takes blood sugar level down. That means glucose supply via blood is now limited.
As I mentioned earlier Cancer cells depend solely on blood sugar. But now there is a scarcity of blood sugar. So cancer cells become literary starve. The can’t produce energy for their living. There is no other option for cancer cells than dying..
Another effect of Ketogenic diet is low levels of insulin inside the body. How this happens? You know insulin is the hormone that regulates the level of blood glucose. When one eats carbohydrates, those carbohydrates enter the blood stream as blood glucose. This is the time when insulin starts to act. It does the role of insulin regulator to keep blood sugar levels within boundaries. So more you take carbs, it spikes the levels of insulin in your body.
Unfortunately Insulin and cancer tumors have relationship. Insulin stimulates tumor growth.  So less insulin means less risk of cancer stimulation.
 By now you should understand that ketogenic diet can help in cancer management

How to optimize ketogenic diet for cancer management?.

1.  A lot of researchers and studies have shown that omega3 fatty acids can inhibit the growth of tumors. So intake of oils rich in omega 3 fatty acids is very beneficial So intake of fish oil  and linseed is beneficial.
2.  . Omega 6 fatty acids can cause inflammation and can suppress immune system so they should be avoided by cancer patients. Oils such as sunflower oil and soya oil contain omega 6 fatty acids.
3.  MCT (Medium chain triglycerides) can be absorbed in to the body effortlessly.  Some studies have reviled that they can inhibit tumor growth too. So they are best to eat. Palm oils and coconut oils contain MCT

Tumor Cachexia management with Ketogenic diet.

When cancer patients are treated with chemo therapy , they suffer from a lot of side effects. They include loss of appetite  nausea and vomiting.  The other result is huge temptation of the cancer cells for carbohydrates- glucose. When there is not enough supply of glucose or other energy source the liver digests muscles and get protein. From muscle protein the liver produces glucose through a process called gluconeogenesis. The end result  of these symptoms  and process is , loss of weight.
         The ketogenic diet gives enough sources for healthy body cells as ketones through fat. The intake of protein gives enough protein for the liver for its purposes, so that muscle mass is not decayed.


How does Keto diet minimizes Heart Attacks

What is a heart attack

For some people a Heart attack, is like a death warrant . Almost everyone is feared about this condition. What  is a heart attack?

      A heart attack is death of a part of heart muscle due to a non-availability of oxygen to the heart muscle. This happens due to a blockage in the Coronary artery disease  This is a deadly situation and if not treated, it can bring one an instant death

Role of cholesterol in heart attack  and Coronary artery disease

   As mentioned earlier Heart attack is a direct result of a blockage in the Coronary artery, blood vessel that bring s blood which bring oxygen to the heart muscle. In most of the cases this block is done by fat particles. These fatty particles  are made of Cholesterol. Because of that almost all the treatments for Heart attack or more formally Coronary artery disease, are based on reducing the level of cholesterol in the blood. 
          In the blood there are two main types of Cholesterol.
1.     HDL (high-density lipoproteins)
2.     LDL.( low-density lipoproteins)
HDL is considered as good cholesterol as it carries cholesterol from all over the body , back to liver. But LDL is considered the bad cholesterol as it builds up cholesterol in arteries.

 What is the role that ketogenic diet play?

          So how can ketogenic diet, being a Fat based diet, helps to reduce Coronary heart disease?. 
To answer this first we have to get a look at the characteristics of ketogenic or ‘keto’ diet.

·        In Keto diet carb intake is limited to 20g per day.
·        Should eat a lot of fat (around 70% of the diet should be fat)
·        25% of the meal should include protein.
·        The remaining 5% should be filled with dietary fiber sources like vegetables and fruit.
So this might make someone confuse . How can high fat diet , can reduce fatty content in the blood.  OK. The purpose of this article is to explain that to you.

When you are in keto diet, you almost stop carbohydrate intake through your meals. In fact the optimum is 20 grams of net carb per day. When you consume carbohydrate at this rate, the level of blood glucose ( blood sugar) drops. Because of that the presence of insulin in one’s blood is minimized. As there is no carbohydrate intake. The body tends to burn off its glycogen deposits. There are two locations where carbohydrate is deposited.
1.     Liver
2.     Muscles
However all this glycogen deposits can fuel you only about 1400 kcal. So after burning this the body needs alternate energy source. So this situation brings fat to play the role of energy provider.
          The fat is metabolized in the liver. After the fat deposit in the liver is burnt, it should bring fat from fatty deposits in the rest of the body.
The fat is stored in almost everywhere in the body. Be it skin abdominal cavity or inside the blood vessels.

          Now what happens?  As earlier said, the function of HDL is to import fat to the liver for digestion. So the liver increases producing HDL. This HDL brings fats from all over the body for metabolism. This includes fat in the blood vessels too.  
   Meanwhile another incident happens. That is production of LDL (the bad cholesterol ) is minimized. The function of LDL is carrying fat to the cells through blood. In this process when there is too much LDL, some fat which are being transported via blood vessels tends to stick on the wall of the blood vessels. This creates blockages in blood vessels. When the blockage is in Coronary artery, the result is a heart attack.  As the level of LDL is minimized, above risk is also minimized.
Now you might notice, two opposite processes happen at the same time.
1.     Carrying fat molecules to the deposits is minimized.
2.     Fat molecules from deposits are being carried back to the liver and burnt.
The end result is your blood vessels are cleaned and functions well. This helps to take the risk of getting a heart attack to near zero level.

Indirect benefits of Ketogenic diet on Cardiovascular system

          THE benefits of the Ketogenic / Keto diet on the circulation system are not limited to that.
When a person is on keto diet the body weight of the particular person is reduced rapidly. This reduced body weight reduces the stress on the heart of that person.  So risk of heart failure is also reduced.
As you all know ketogenic diet reduces weight pretty fast. With reduced body weight , a person’s activity level usually goes up. So instead of being a couch potato, you become active and energetic person. This again is a heart friendly condition. Because once you are active your blood circulation begins to work properly.
           Another effect of ketogenic diet is changes in the hormone levels in the body. Naturally the keto or ketogenic diet consists of 70% fat component. So intake of all the essential fatty acids is virtually secured.  The hormones like testosterone and HGH are fat based substances.
Once researchers who carried out a small study on dietary fat component found out a 25% fat diet decreased testosterone levels of a group of males , and the effect was reversed when they switched back to 40% fat diet. So this shows dietary fat plays a major role in determining  the levels of hormones in one’s body , especially the sex hormones.  Increased  testosterone and estrogen hormones , reduces stress. When stress is reduced it is very healthy on one’s heart.  


Ketogenic diet regime minimizes  the risk of cardiovascular disease, widely known as heart attack. This happens due to decreased levels of LDL cholesterols and Increased levels of HDL cholesterol.  
          The ketogenic or keto diet can help your heart indirectly too. Because this keto plans significantly reduce body weight , thus reducing the stress on one’s heart. Not only that ketogenic plans can regulate hormones in the body. This can lead you to an active happy and stress free sexual life which indirectly helps the betterment of the heart.