Ketogenic or Keto diet is the best way to keep most of the health problems at bay



5 benefits of Ketogenic diet

1. Rapid weight loss.

Studies have shown , people on low carb diets tend to lose weight rapidly in first 1-2 weeks of dieting. this happens as the body get rid of its excess water. This results a drastic weight loss during first two weeks of dieting.

2. Loss of appetite 

The main hurdle of a person on dieting is taming 'Hunger' Because as you continue dieting your carving for food increases. Numerous studies have shown that the 'Keto' diet suppresses apatite. When people are on low carb -high Fat, diet , they virtually don't feel hunger.

3. Lower blood sugar levels and increased insulin sensitivity

As the primary energy source of the body is shifted from Carbohydrate to Fat, your blood sugar levels drop, but you don't feel any difficulty. for example I myself have a fasting blood sugar level of 40-45mg/dl. This again makes high levels of insulin sensitivity. Actually Type II diabetic is fully controlled if you are in ketogenic diet

4. More reduction of abdominal fat. 

There are different types of fat in your body. Especially if the fat is stored in and around your belly, it opens the risk of Diabetics and Heart disease. But as a miracle, keto diet helps one to lose most of the fat around their belly. Because most of the belly fat comes as a result of insulin resistance,

5. Lower levels of triglycerides and increased levels of 'Good' HDL cholesterol

When you are tested for full lipid profile of your blood you can see a component called triglycerides. Actually high fasting levels of triglycerides creates a greater heart risk. Levels of triglycerides rise up, because of your carbohydrate consumption, especially fructose. When you reduce carbs , it minimizes the levels of Triglyceride in your body. However compared to keto diets , low fat diet increases triglyceride levels because of the consumption of carbohydrate.

The other notable thing is increased levels of HDL, which is also referred as good cholesterol. So high fat  and low carbs on keto diet helps to increase HDL levels , and  moderately increase or even reduce LDL levels

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