Ketogenic or Keto diet is the best way to keep most of the health problems at bay



Cure cancer with Ketogenic diet

Did you know that ketogenic diet can help in curing life threatning Cancers. Yes it does. The keto can save you and your loved ones from cancer too. 

What is a Cancer

Cancer cannot be graded as single diseases. In fact  it is a group of diseases which shares a common characteristic.  All the variations of cancer initiates when some of the cells in the body starts to divide in an uncontrolled manner, and spread into surrounding tissues

There is no exact location in the body where cancer can be started, It can be anywhere in the human body, which consist of billions of cells. Usually the cells in the body divide themselves to create new cells to cater the needs of the body. When a cell is damaged or got old or die the body generates new cells to take their place.
With cancer starting, this normal process gets broken. The cells begins to behave more unusually. The old or damaged cells do not die, while new cells are formed while they are unwanted. These new cells can generate more and more new cells, without stopping. Most often they form kind of growth which are called tumors.

Most of the cancers create tumors , which can be seen as solid growth of cells while cancers like leukemia cannot form solid growths.

Close up of invasive colon cancer cells 

Cancer tumors are very invasive. That means they can be spread into close by tissues. In fact they literary invade them. Apart from that with the growth of the tumors some can break off and carried away to distant places of the body from the original  place of the first tumor, through lymph system or blood. These particles of tumors can form new tumors away from the original; tumor.

Energy source and metabolism of Cancer cells.

Cancer tumor cells are in an uncontrolled appetite for glucoses (blood sugar) This was observed as early as 1923 by German Biochemist and Nobel Prize winner OttoWarburg. What he found out is very interesting. It is that the tumor cells use huge amounts of glucose in their metabolism. But the consumption of oxygen is limited. In normal cells normally glucose is burnt in oxygen in aerobic respiration. Anaerobic respiration happens only when there is a scarcity of oxygen. In contrast though there is an ample supply of oxygen, the cancer cells tend to break down glucose by fermentation / anaerobic respiration. This effect is named as Warburg effect in medicine.

This effect gives two major advantages for cancer cells.

1.  The byproduct of anaerobic respiratory is Lactic acid. It can destroy healthy neighboring cells. This can make way for tumor cells to enter healthy tissues close by.

2.  Normal cells need oxygen for growth. But cancer can grow without oxygen supply.  

 However there are two important weak points of tumor (cancer) cell metabolism.

1.  Cancer cells highly dependent on glucose. This means they need an adequate supply of glucose to cater their energy carving.
2.  Unlike normal cells they cannot metabolize Ketone bodies, making it impossible to use energy from Fat.

So this is the key which opens the door for a new way of countering Cancer and make ground for Ketogenic diet plan to play a huge role.
As you all know ketogenic diet is a diet which almost no glucose or carbohydrates. High ratio of fat and protein and glucose from protein (gluconeogenesis) give enough glucose to maintain constant blood sugar level and enough glucose to continue brain functions.
In ketogenic diet you reduce or almost stop carbohydrate intake. Most of the people limit net carb intake to 50g per day, while some others come down to 20g per day.
Now there is a scarcity of carbohydrates in the body. This takes blood sugar level down. That means glucose supply via blood is now limited.
As I mentioned earlier Cancer cells depend solely on blood sugar. But now there is a scarcity of blood sugar. So cancer cells become literary starve. The can’t produce energy for their living. There is no other option for cancer cells than dying..
Another effect of Ketogenic diet is low levels of insulin inside the body. How this happens? You know insulin is the hormone that regulates the level of blood glucose. When one eats carbohydrates, those carbohydrates enter the blood stream as blood glucose. This is the time when insulin starts to act. It does the role of insulin regulator to keep blood sugar levels within boundaries. So more you take carbs, it spikes the levels of insulin in your body.
Unfortunately Insulin and cancer tumors have relationship. Insulin stimulates tumor growth.  So less insulin means less risk of cancer stimulation.
 By now you should understand that ketogenic diet can help in cancer management

How to optimize ketogenic diet for cancer management?.

1.  A lot of researchers and studies have shown that omega3 fatty acids can inhibit the growth of tumors. So intake of oils rich in omega 3 fatty acids is very beneficial So intake of fish oil  and linseed is beneficial.
2.  . Omega 6 fatty acids can cause inflammation and can suppress immune system so they should be avoided by cancer patients. Oils such as sunflower oil and soya oil contain omega 6 fatty acids.
3.  MCT (Medium chain triglycerides) can be absorbed in to the body effortlessly.  Some studies have reviled that they can inhibit tumor growth too. So they are best to eat. Palm oils and coconut oils contain MCT

Tumor Cachexia management with Ketogenic diet.

When cancer patients are treated with chemo therapy , they suffer from a lot of side effects. They include loss of appetite  nausea and vomiting.  The other result is huge temptation of the cancer cells for carbohydrates- glucose. When there is not enough supply of glucose or other energy source the liver digests muscles and get protein. From muscle protein the liver produces glucose through a process called gluconeogenesis. The end result  of these symptoms  and process is , loss of weight.
         The ketogenic diet gives enough sources for healthy body cells as ketones through fat. The intake of protein gives enough protein for the liver for its purposes, so that muscle mass is not decayed.

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