Ketogenic or Keto diet is the best way to keep most of the health problems at bay



How does keto diet reduce weight and body fat

It is widely known that compared to other diets ketogenic diet can reduce ones weight and body fat fairly fast

But how does keto or correctly ketogenic diet can do this? Specially when fat is the main component of keto diet?.

 What is being ketogenic? or what is Ketogensis?
When one goes fasting , he feels lethargic , dizzy and lazy. But you may notice after couple of  days that very person can continue the fasting without any side effect. In fact he come up with a new energy. This happens as the body starts ketogensis, in other words the body begins to burn its fat deposits to cater the energy needs of the body, in the absence of carbohydrate.

How does ketogensis happen.

When a person is on fasting, the levels of insulin (the hormone which turns blood glucoese to glycogen)  in the blood drops as there is no carbohydrate. Because of that, the glycogen stored in the body is burnt. But there is only 300-600 grams of glycogen i the body. after consuming that? Another effect of low insulin is it triggers body to start breaking down fat stored in the body.

When stored fat is broken down it mixes in to the blood stream as ketone bodies. these ketone bodies are broken in the cell mitochondria releasing energy.

 Through out this process there is no involvement of glucose apart prom initial stages as glycogen us as energy source. Once glycogen is over there is no business with glucose. Thus Ketogenic diet style effectively suppress Diabetic. Not only that ketogenic diet helps to keep diabetic at bay through some other mechanisms too.

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