Ketogenic or Keto diet is the best way to keep most of the health problems at bay



Boost up your sex life with Ketogenic Diet

Ever thought of shooting up your sex drive with your diet?  Wonder whether you can get that super rock hard erection, beating your age by simply adjusting your diet? Ok if you are there this article is for you.  The Ketogenic Diet will make you younger, stronger and yeah unbeatable. Read through this article and start a new chapter in your life.

OK let’s discuss the facts.

Ketogenic or Keto diet is not a new concept.  Roots of this concept runs back to 500 B.C as treatment for epilepsy. However when coming to modern day, Ketogenic diet was introduced as a treatment for epilepsy from as early as 1920. Keto diet is simply an almost Zero carb fat dominating diet pattern which gives multiple benefits to the dieter.

Science of boosting sex with ketogenic diet.

As you all know with aging sex drive of a person declines. Especially in males it affects in erection. Why? Yes the culprit is testosterone hormone. That’s is the hormone which makes you a man. When you get aged the production of testosterone declines. Which affects your sex drive. Is there any solution, other than taking loads of Viagra?
Happy news is: YES
Jacob Wilson’s findings.
In 2017 a group of scientists leaded by Jacob Wilson Study on how ketogenic diet can affect testosterone levels in man’s body. He came up with amazing results. It showed that Ketogenic diet showed a remarkable increase in testosterone levels among a group of college age resistance trained athletes compared to ones who followed Western diet and the same resistance training schedule. The Ketogenic diet group showed an increase of testosterone levels to 570ng/dl to 690ng/dl within 12 weeks. 

How did this happen?

It is a well-known fact that ketogenic diet can reduce the cholesterol levels in the body. Thus it reduces the risk of heart disease. However testosterone, like other steroids, is formed from Cholesterol. So if Ketogenic diet reduces the cholesterol levels in the body, Ketogenic diet should reduce the testosterone levels as well. But the opposite happens. How?
The key lies on the dietary cholesterol. As you all know Ketogenic diet is a fat dominated diet pattern. Nearly 70% of the total diet is made of fat component. In the Jacob’s study, the Ketogenic diet subjects were given a greater portion of lipid compared to subjects on Western Diet. The Ketogenic. Thus it was obvious that a greater portion of dietary cholesterol is taken in to body when a person is on Ketogenic diet, than in western diet. In the group who were under ketogenic diet, average fat intake was 220g per day while it contained 110 g of saturated fat. The daily intake of dietary cholesterol was well above the recommended levels, (<300. mg/dl for normal individuals) Meanwhile another study showed that in ketogenic diet the dietary cholesterol may rise up to 1000 mg/dl per day.

Ketogenic fatty acids.

As you already know Ketogenic diet plan and Ketogenic food lists are dominated by fat sources. So when a person is under Ketogenic diet, that person automatically gets large amounts of fatty acids such as omega 3. Omega 3 fatty acid has multiple health benefits. Here in sexual function also it plays a major role. It can increase the libido and duration holding erection. Not only has that omega 3 increased the concentration of sperms and their mobility.  

Ketogenic amino acids.

Another instance that Ketogenic diet can boost sex drive erection and potency is, when a person is in Ketogenic diet, his or her meal consists of around 25% of protein. This is very crucial. Because there are some great amino acids that comes through protein helps greatly in sexual function.
1.    Arginine
It is a well-known fact that nitric oxide plays very crucial role in men’s sexual ability. Studies have shown that Nitric Oxide does act in the same way that erectile dysfunction drugs such as Viagra acts. So increasing levels of Nitric oxide in the blood stream will be very beneficial in boosting one’s sexual function. How can we do that? That is where the amino acid Arginine comes to play the role. Arginine is an amino acid that you take in through your protein intake. It is the factor to boost the levels of nitric oxide in the blood stream. However though nitric oxide can give the same effect of Viagra, it is not as quick as Viagra. But within one or two days it gives result.

2.     Ornithine
This is another amino acid that helps your sexual function. This helps one to hold the erection for longer periods. So when your diet consists of 25% of protein the levels of those helpful amino acids naturally goes up in the body.

 Diabetes, Ketogenic diet and Sex

Since very early days it was found that diabetes can reduce sexual function  in men.  So it is well known for a healthier sex life it is essential to control diabetes. When it comes to ketogenic diet it very effectively tame diabetes mellitus type 2. So of a person is under a ketogenic regime it helps to control diabetes and better sexual function as well. Especially keto can increase insulin sensitivity suppressing insulin resistance. So it is well recommended for people in pre diabetic condition to get in to ketogenic regime before too late. After all it is said, better prevention than cure.

 How does ketogenic veggies help sex?

Most of the veggies capable of eating when in ketogenic diet contain large amounts of antioxidants they help in various ways to increase sexual function in one’s body.   


Ketogenic diet helps to overcome sexual dysfunction and increase libido via various ways. So when a person is following a ketogenic diet regime increased sexual health is also a positive function of the diet. So if a person is keen on uplifting sexual function naturally, it’s recommended that person should enter a ketogenic diet pattern. Then he can enjoy good sexual life along   with various other benefits provided by Ketogenic diet

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