Ketogenic or Keto diet is the best way to keep most of the health problems at bay



Get rid of diabetic- The Ketogenic route

 Some statistics on diabetic

 Today with people moving away from their traditional ways of living and food, diabetic has become a worldwide catastrophe.  World Health Organization data shows the number of recorded diabetic patients has risen from 108 million in 1980 to 422 million by 2014.
Most of these patients especially those who are older suffer from DiabeticNeuropathy, a complication developed as an effect of diabetic. This happens because high levels of sugar can injure nerves. Most often neuropathy can damage nerves in legs and feet, while some times the condition may occur in other organs in the body.
Diabetes it is the condition that the level of glucose level in the blood is higher than expected values. In other words it occurs when the level of blood sugar comes to range which the body cannot tolerate it

First of all there are two types of diabetes

 They are described as

 In Type 1 Diabetes the level insulin, produced inside the body is limited. Because of that there is no control in the level of sugar in blood not only that the fat deposits in the body are also used to make ketones inside the body which makes it a life threatening condition

 However type 2 diabetes is occurred when the body develops resistance for insulin. It is a condition can be developed with excessive intake of carbohydrates how can that happen?

 Let me explain it

 When a person consumes carbohydrate   it is added to the bloodstream as blood glucose.   When the amount of glucose in the blood becomes higher there goes a message to the hypothalamus of the brain to tell that level of sugar should be controlled. Then the brain sends a message to Pancreas to produce more insulin in order to keep the blood glucose levels within the range. So insulin carries away the blood glucose and stores them as glycogen first and as fat later.
But when the levels of glucose are lowered in the blood, there is not sufficient glucose to be broken down to produce energy. This low glucose levels triggers hunger in one’s body. Now the victim eats carbs once again, and this vicious cycle continues.
But there emerges another problem too. That is the amount of insulin needed, to convert 1mg of glucose to glycogen, is increased with time. For example if 1mcg of insulin was needed to convert 1g of blood sugar in the first occasion, it might need 2mcg in the next occasion and 3mcg in the next time. This process is called insulin resistance. When this happens more regularly there comes a time in which, the Pancreas cannot produce enough insulin to keep glucose concentration in the blood at optimum level. When a person reaches this level, the concentration of glucose goes uncontrollable high. This condition is called Diabetic, or more correctly Diabetic type II, which is medically known as diabetes mellitus type 2.

So as you see Diabetic type II happens solely due to intake of carbohydrate. However absorption of carbohydrates and the speed of breaking them down in the metabolism differ from person to person. So the root cause of Type II diabetic is a metabolic disorder and consuming high levels of carbs in the meals and drinks.
Now we have found the root cause of diabetic type II. Now we have to look in for treatments.

As you see, there are two potential loop holes where treatments can get on.
  • 1.     Supply enough insulin from outside the body.
  • 2.     Minimize carb intake or tap carb absorption.

As you see method two is more sustainable. So to control Type II diabetic through diet eating less carbs is essential. This is where Ketogenic diet has its advantage,

Ketogenic or keto diet is a pattern of eating which almost eliminates eating and drinking carbs while amount of fat intake is very high. In fact keto diet is a fat based diet.

How does keto diet kills diabetic Type II,

When a person is in Ketogenic diet the very person limits his net carb intake to fewer than 50g per day, while it is 20g for some.
When a person doesn’t eat the required amount of carbohydrate the body has to look for another source of energy. There are two potions for the body.
1.     Breakdown Protein via glucogensis and produce glucose
2.     Breakdown Fat via ketosis and produce Ketones.

As Ketogenic diet is a fat dominated diet, around 70% of the calories supply is gained from fat. So as there is an ample supply of fat component, the body prefers Ketosis than Glucogensis and produce Ketones.

So now this is the situation.

There is almost no supply of carbohydrates or glucose while there is an ample supply of fat (ketones). Under these conditions the cells in the body adjusts themselves to live on ketones as their energy source.
 Actually being on ketones provides a lot of benefits for one’s health

Coming back to the topic I was discussing, this diet restricts intake of carbohydrates. So the supply of glucose in to the blood is very limited. As there is lesser amount of glucose in the blood, the risk of diabetics is gone away. When there is les amount of blood sugar the body doesn’t need to pump insulin to the blood stream breaking tolerable limits. As there is less supply of insulin, the insulin resistance in one’s body increases. This prevents blood sugar reaching higher levels when eating some carbs once in a while

Now let me sum up the facts.

  • When the level of blood glucose exceeds tolerable concentration levels, it is Diabetic
  • There are two type of diabetic
  • Type 2 diabetic occurs when someone consumes excessive amounts of carbohydrates.
  • Ketogenic diet is a very low carbohydrate diet; the main component of ketogenic diet is fat.
  • As there is almost zero intake of glucose or carbohydrates the levels of blood sugar drops.
  • The insulin sensitivity of the body increases.
  •  As a result the diabetic condition suppresses
  • However this whole process is a result of irregular metabolism.
  • So for sustainable maintains of diabetic free life the patient has to keep eye on his or her carb intake.

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