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Reverse Diabetic nephropathy with Ketogenic Diet

As you all know the miracle Ketogenic diet has become the magical solution for a range of NTD (Non Transmitted Diseases).  One of them is Diabetic Nephropathy.

So what is the reason behind this condition and how does keto diet prevents or cures this? The object of this article is to answer those questions.

Diabetic Nephropathy.

Diabetics Nephropathy is one of the most dangerous complications of diabetics. This is a clinical syndrome. There are some symptoms that can be seen in the patient.
·         Persistent albuminuria (described as protein in urine. 300mg> in 24 hrs.)
·         The blood pressure in arteries is raised.
·         Glomerular filtration rate (GFR) in kidneys drops
These conditions worsen rapidly. Over 40% of end-stage renal disease or ESRD in USA are caused by diabetic’s nephropathy.

How does diabetics cause nephropathy?

Before answering this we’ll have a look at, to find out how the filtering of waste in the body done in the kidney.  This process happen in a part called Bowman’s capsule


 Proximal Convoluted have permeable cell membranes that reabsorb glucose, metabolites, amino acids, and electrolytes into nearby capillaries and allow for circulation of water
Loop of Henley – has an ascending and descending limb, these loops along with their blood vessels and collecting tubes for the pyramids in the medulla. When the filtrate reaches the descending limb of the loop, water content has been reduced by 70%. The filtrate contains high levels of salts (mostly sodium). As the filtrate moves further through the loop, more water is removed which further concentrates the filtrate.
Distal Convoluted Tubule – farthest from the glomerulus; helps regular potassium excretion.
Collecting Duct – collects the filtrate

The waste is brought in to the Bowman’s capsule in tiny blood vessels with very thin membranes, in which particles can move through.
What happens in diabetics?
In diabetics the glucose levels in the body rises up. This high blood sugar levels can damage the membranes of all mussel tissues including artery membrane of the blood vessels in the body. About 80% of the people with type 2 diabetics suffer from high blood pressure too. Being tiny the blood vessels damage easily by high blood pressure.
These process ultimately reduces or stops the function of Bowman’s capsule, thus the filtering process of the kidney is hampered. This condition is known as Diabetics nephropathy.

How can Ketogenic diet intervene here?

1.        1. By reducing High blood pressure

When the level of blood cholesterol looks in to causes of high blood pressure comes as number one culprit. Not only has that high leveled of blood cholesterol, triggers heart disease too.  So when a person is on a ketogenic or keto diet it can help to reduce high levels of cholesterol.  Not only that did you ever know that increased levels of insulin in blood stream can cause high blood pressure?  There are two way of happening this.
a)      High insulin levels can accumulate fluid and salt in the body. This high fluid and salt levels can contribute to high blood pressure.
b)      Elevated levels of insulin in the blood can thicken the tissue around blood vessels. These thickened walls of the artery can contribute to increase blood pressure
Yes it does. How can this happen?

2.       2. By controlling blood sugar levels

It is widely known that diabetics (especially type 2) can be well controlled with Ketogenic Diet pattern.  (For more information Read Get rid of diabetic- The Ketogenic route)   Controlled diabetics or blood sugar levels can minimize the damage in the blood vessels in Bowman’s capsule. So that function of the kidneys can be re stored.

3. By increasing  intake of anti oxidants

3.       People on ketogenic diet tend to eat more vegetables rich in anti – oxidants. The most of low carb veggies such as cabbage cauliflower and broccoli contains large amounts of antioxidants. It is now believed that anti- oxidants can help in renal dysfunction caused by diabetics.

4.    4. By increasing intake of fatty acids

4.       Keto, Ketogenic diet is a fat dominated diet pattern. Around 70% of total intake depends on fat component. This results increased intake of fatty acids in to the body. Now it is known that most of the fatty acids help in regulating diabetics and Diabetics nephropathy.


Diabetic nephropathy is a life threatening complication of diabetics. It can ultimately cause removal of a kidney or even death. As I have mentioned above the miracle diet pattern, ketogenic, can help in regulating and reversing adverse effects of Diabetics nephropathy

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